New Ideas and Old Values in Psychotherapy


Transtherapy is a reform movement in psychotherapy and in the mental helping professions. It is an association of practitioners who are critical of the trends of commercialism, medicalization, bureaucratization and idolization in this field. Transtherapy is a proclamation issued at the beginning of the 21st century, which calls for a return to integrity, responsibility, independence, dignity and simplicity in our professional work.

Transtherapy is a non-profit international organization. This site is a meeting ground for therapists from different professions and backgrounds, united in their commitment to transtherapy Core Principles. It will continue to evolve through dialogue between its members, and the guidance of its Board of Directors. A journal and conference are scheduled at a later stage.


Transtherapy follows the footsteps of Dogma 95, initiated by the movie director Lars von Trier. Cinematographers who adopt this dogma strive to maintain simplicity and artistic integrity by avoiding use of “star” actors, artificial lighting and sets. Their movies display, along with other credits, a statement and seal of the Dogma.

These pages keep in mind the public at large and especially the consumers of psychological helping services. Transtherapy serves as a source of information and an introduction to some crucial dilemmas in therapy. The Registry page will be helpful in locating suitable transtherapy Committed Practitioners. Registered therapists, who subscribe to the core principles, are entitled to add to their name and degree the acronym TCP (Transtherapy Committed Practitioner). They are recommended to include the inscription transtherapy on letterheads, calling cards and any other official publication. Members can introduce others the ideas of Transtherapy through e-mail lists and discussion groups. Copies of the “core principles” can be given to clients and colleagues as well as distributed in professional gatherings.


Board of Directors

 Kenneth Gergen, PhD; Loren R. Mosher, MD (1933 – 2004 ); Alvin R. Maher, PhD;

Thierry Melchior, U.E.M; Michael Shernoff, MSW (1951 - 2008); Uri Wernik, PsyD; Linda J. Young, PhD


November, 2002



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